Teachers! Go Enjoy The Summer Time BLUES


It Summer! YAY!!!

It’s that time of year when “other people” like to think we teachers:

1) Hang out at Starbucks all day (We live for coffee…but c’mon!)

2) Take really long vacations to exotic countries for months at a time (On a teacher’s salary? Really?)

& My Personal Favorite…

3) Sit around doing nothing ALL DAY! (Who actually does that?)

The fact is, summer is a great time for teachers to advance their #knowledge and #skills, and hone their #curriculum and #pedagogy, all the while basking in the love of family and friends. In the past, I’ve aimlessly wondered through my summers. I was productive, but I really, really love my family time and I tended to put off getting ready for the coming year until the last week of Summer Break.

Don’t get me wrong…family comes first, so we do a lot of stuff together over break. My wife and I are both teachers and our girls are students, so we make the most of our summers. And that is how it should be. But if we start off the summer with a plan, and we focus on family first and leaving a small amount of time for career each day, our summer has the potential to become extremely fun…and productive. Heck, there are even times when we can multi-task… work on “school stuff” while having a blast with the family.

We simply need to have a wonderful time with family and friends, and then focus on finding time for the #Summertime #Teacher #BLUES

By making it a point to carve out time for Branding, Looking, Uncovering, Exercising, and Strategizing, or B.L.U.E.S., we can enjoy our summer with family and friends, and enter the Fall semester refreshed, healthy, and ready to be productive educators. If we take time to work on these 5 areas over the break, I believe we can start living a more balanced life all the while becoming experts in our individual disciplines. We can be the experts that other educators seek for wisdom and classroom hacks. And more importantly, we can become Rock Star educators who have the ability to pass along knowledge to students in life changing fashion. Let me explain.

Brand Yourself (and Your Stuff)

Branding? Mitch, what the heck are you talking about? You want me to join a cattle drive?


I’m taking about branding yourself as an educator. At the end of the day, we are all experts in our various disciplines. We put tons of time into our craft, and we are even recognized from time to time for our work. I mean come on…we spend 8-14 hours a day specializing in #Math, #English, #Social Studies, #Science, #Art, #Music, #Technology, #Computer Science, #P.E., etc. during the school year…we know a little something about our subject matter.

We’ve learned to deliver our lessons in a way that engage students and helps them to better understand the content. We even have other teachers coming to us for input on how to enhance their classrooms. So it only makes sense that we share our wisdom and help others grow as educators in an effort to create the best possible learning environment for our students. The best way to initiate this process is to brand yourself and your awesome products. That way your “stuff” is connected to your name, which makes it easier for other educators to find you and collect much needed wisdom from you.

So this summer, I’d love to see you carve out time to build a blog/website, share your ideas, and maybe even create a Teachers-Pay-Teachers site where you can benefit monetarily from your efforts. Or write an e-book that walks educators through cool lesson plans that have become effective and efficient staples in your classroom. You can charge for the e-book or not…your choice. The main thing is you’re getting your ideas out there…you’re branding yourself…and classrooms (students) are benefitting from your knowledge.

Another great way to brand yourself is to start sharing and collaborating with other educators via Periscope, Facebook, and even Snapchat.


Yes, Snapchat!

Since joining Snapchat and connecting with teachers, I’ve learned a ton, and shared my own ideas and classroom strategies. The medium is perfect for teacher interaction and knowledge exchange. AND…it’s a great way to get your name out there…or in other words…brand yourself. It is also a great place to be yourself and get to know really cool educators who share similar lifestyles, hobbies, and family experiences.

That reminds me…go join my Snapchat (mitchfair) using the Snapchat Code below:


Oh, and if you haven’t joined Snapchat yet…DO IT!!!  There are tons of teachers out there sharing their experiences and your ideas would be a great addition to the conversation.

You are a Rock Star Teacher, why not create a brand around your treasury of experience and wisdom? Go…#BrandYourself !

Look At What Worked (and What Didn’t Work)

Reflect! Reflect! Reflect! Oh, and #REFLECT ! ! !

Let’s face it, as teachers, we won’t get better unless we examine what is keeping us from excelling. That means we need to look at the year, reflect on what worked and what didn’t, and capitalize on what our best practices were (and throw away or deeply evaluate and correct what went wrong).

YES…we all have losses throughout the year. Most of the “stuff” we implement in our classroom works well…but some ideas we have are “stinkers.” We need to take those ideas that “stunk” and either hone them so they are more effective, or trash them to make room for something more productive.

One thing that our school does, that I #LOVE, is that we reflect on our lesson plan after it is completed. We actually go into our lesson plan software (paper forms of lesson plans are fine too) and then reflect on what aspects of the lesson worked and what didn’t. That way we can go back later (summer break…hello), read our notes, and adjust our lessons as need be.

I encourage you to implement a lesson plan reflection strategy that allows you to go back (over the summer) and fine tune your curricular goals. This process has helped me immensely, and more importantly…it has benefited my students. After all, our students don’t want to take part in a lesson that is boring and non-informative.

Another great way to look back on what worked and what didn’t is to start handing out surveys to your students.  They will be able to tell you quickly what they thought worked and what less effective.  When done at the end of the school year, the student surveys can be reflected upon over summer break, and issues that need to be addressed can get addressed.

Our students deserve the best…so #LOOK AT WHAT WORKED AND WHAT DIDN’T!

Uncover New Experiences To Share With Students (and Teachers)

This is where our family time can meld with our work time. Let me explain. This summer, our family has plans to go to the Nimitz Museum in Fredericksburg, TX. It is a World War II museum full of everything from historical artifacts to live reenactments of WWII battles.

As a Design/Technology teacher, I’m always looking for ways to bring historical content into the classroom and discuss engineering’s impact on history. So, I will be photographing, and narrating short videos from the museum (I don’t care if people look at me funny) that I can take back to our classroom. I will be able to dive into our coding units with footage of the technology that cracked the German’s enigma code. Coding is not only the soon to be “It” profession, de-coding (debugging) was a crucial part of history that helped turn the tide of the Second World War.

Reading about new and evolving classroom strategies is another great way to hone our teaching skills as well. There are tons of cool lessons out there that can enhance the student’s classroom experience. Research them, find them, and then plan out how best to implement them in your classroom. You know your students best, so find great ideas, and shape them into something fantastic for your class, and then watch your students grow through newly found learning tactics.

Another great way to introduce new experiences to students is to research all of the new apps that seem to come out on a daily basis. Need a place to start? Check out THIS ARTICLE over on EdTechCircus.com. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of great apps that can be used to enhance the student’s classroom/learning experience. Go…Seek Them Out…#UNCOVER THE POSSIBILITIES!


This is really a call to action for ME…but I’ll bet there are some others out there who could stand to lose a couple of pounds…and maybe even stand to gain better eating habits. I mean, I try to workout during the year, but finding time to do so is hard. What I’ve found is that when I have a strong summer workout/diet routine in place before entering the Fall semester, the better I am at being healthy.

Likewise, on those years where I go back into the Fall semester with little to no workout/diet regimen…I gain weight like the Titanic gaining salt water. And it is hard as heck to get into a routine once school begins.

So, find time to implement a daily (or weekly) workout strategy. I’m waking up early and walking 3 miles a day. In the past, this has done wonders for my health (both physical and mental health). I also love to see student reactions to my loss of weight when I return…it is encouraging.

A healthy educator is a productive educator. Our mental health (focus) is sharper, and of course our physical health is on point…and if you are an elementary teacher, you need all the physical health you can get. Those little guys never stop.

An added benefit…your chances of living longer, thus enjoying your family and friends longer, increase. So Go… #EXERCISE ! ! !

Strategize For The Upcoming Year

Alright, you’re working on your brand, you’re looking back on what worked and what didn’t, you’re uncovering new ideas for your classroom, and you’re working on your exercise/diet routine so that you can be the best educator you can be.

What’s next?

The final stage of the Summertime Teacher B.L.U.E.S. strategy is to take it all into account and #STRATEGIZE for the upcoming year. Plan, plan, plan!

Think about how you are going to use your time wisely to work on your brand beyond the summer months. Envision, after looking back on last year’s lesson plans, how you will better incorporate and expound upon what worked. Contemplate how best to include all of the really cool classroom ideas you’ve uncovered. And, consider how you will continue your newly acquired exercise and diet routines.

In other words, strategize how best to take the ideas and experiences you’ve had over the summer break, and incorporate them in your Fall and Spring semesters. Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard work…if you’re in education because you thought it was going to be easy…Ummmm…you’re in the wrong line of work.

But here is the thing…I’m right there with you, and more importantly, there are hundreds of thousands of educators right beside you. Together, we can create awesome learning environments that benefit the student, the teacher, the parents, and the administrators. All we need to do is start with a plan…and there is no better time that right now to do just that. Let this Summer be the summer you begin to utilize your Summertime Teacher B.L.U.E.S.

Have A Wonderfully Productive Summer!!!



You Might Be A #Teacher If…


A Teacher’s Version Of Jeff Foxworthy’s “You Might Be A Redneck”:

Evolution of the Teacher

EC Snapchat Video Template Title

All Access Teens

teens on personal devices

As Teachers, Are We Prepared For The Next Generation Student???

While searching for teen internet access statistics for my dissertation, I came across these statistics via the people over at Pew.  Now given, the samples used were a bit small, but I bet the national averages are pretty close.


Internet Access via Personal Device

USC Interviews Mitch “The @EdTechRedneck”


So these past few months, I’ve had the honor of being interviewed for two separate articles for The University of Southern California (USC for you Aggies).  The #USC Rossier School of Education is currently running a series of write-ups on the topic of #EducationalTechnology, specifically #DigitalLiteracy.  They wanted input from the trenches, and I was extremely excited to receive a call stating that I was someone whose input might be valuable.  

Even without my input, the two articles below are awesome and extremely informative.  I encourage you to read them, and feel free to share your thoughts on myths surrounding #EdTech and #Digitally Literate #Teachers.

1) 11 Digital Literacy Myths, Debunked

2) The 7 Coolest Things Digitally Literate Teachers Are Doing in Their Classrooms

#EdTech Digest Published Little Ol’ Me…

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 7.14.30 AM

I am honored to announce that EdTech Digest has published one of my articles.  I encourage you to go check it out…not so much for my article, but for the magazine as a whole.  I get tons of #EdTech tips and ideas from this site.  If you are trying to figure out how best to utilize #technology in your #classroom, I suggest going to #EdTechDigest and looking around…after you visit my site of course.  EdTech Digest had my stamp of approval wayyyyyyy before I submitted my stuff.  SO GO…Check Out Their Content…Click On The Link Below…You Won’t Be Sorry.

EdTech Digest: Up (or Down) Periscope


~ Mitch



EdTech vs. Darth Vader


So…it’s May the 4th…Star Wars Day (May The 4th Be With You).  This morning I was making a meme/mash-up of Star Wars and Napoleon Dynamite (2 of the top 50 movies of all time).  As I’m creating my AWESOME design, I think to myself, “why should I be the only one who has this much fun today?”  SOOOO…My lesson plan has taken a 1 day “pivot” and all of my classes are now designing “May The 4th Be With You” mash-ups and Memes. 

One reason I even post this (aside form the obvious reason of sharing awesome projects with you) is because I want to emphasize the fact that as teachers, we have a right…no..wait…an obligation to let our students “play.”  We need to introduce opportunities for our students to spread their “innovation wings” and fly.  That doesn’t mean we neglect our State classroom Standards…but that we incorporate them in a way that might be considered “outside the box” (which in all honesty is where I thrive).  If we see an opportunity to take a standard we’re covering (or have covered in the past) and utilize it to have fun, then we need to take that opportunity.  

As my students created Star Wars mash-ups and memes, they were covering software/file management standard (TEKS in Texas) that we had gone over a few months ago. They were able to recall what they’d learned and create awesome products.  The same can be done in English, Math, Science, Art, or any classroom in the United States.

So the next time a “special day” comes along…take advantage of it and incorporate lessons that your students already know, or will be covering soon.  You’re a Rock Star Teacher…Utilize Your Powers.

Now Go…Have Fun…And…May The 4th Be With You.

 Below are the top renditions of the day…so far 

(Mine is the Napoleon Skywalker & Milk and Wookiees meme/mash-up).

Slide1Slide1 2Slide1 3Slide1 4Slide1 5Slide1 6Slide1 7Slide1 8Slide1 9Slide1 10

Here Are Mine…